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About Infiniplex

Infiniplex is an Israeli startup company dedicated to revolutionizing cancer treatment monitoring using state-of-the-art technologies. Our team is driven by passion and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We cultivate an environment that encourages ambition, drive, and a willingness to accept constructive feedback. Together, we are pushing the boundaries of innovation and aiming to make a profound impact in the battle against cancer.

Unmet Need

Many types of cancer are diagnosed too late, leading to poor patient outcomes. ​​

Current methods for monitoring cancer treatment are often complex, time consuming, invasive, expensive, or ineffective.

Access to biomarker testing may be limited due to financial or logistical barriers, leading to disparities in cancer care.​

Meet Our Team

Yael Furman
Yael Furman,
Zeev Russak,
Shira Sagee,
Project Coordinator
Hadar Levi,
Laboratory Manager
Itamar Caspi,
Dr. Ofer Peleg,
Adi telem
Adi Telem,
Research Assistant
Sasha Borisewitz,
Research Assistant
Dr. Asa Eitan
Asa Eitan,

Advisory Board

Dr. Raya
Dr. Raya Leibowitz-Amit (MD PhD) Head
Oncology Institute, Shamir Medical Center
Prof Michael Zuker
Prof. Michael Zuker
Dr. Harold Wiener,
Managing Partner of Terra Venture Partners
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